Salt Chair

The Salt collection includes a fixed and extendable table with two possible heights and an H40 coffee table. The models of this collection offer very contained dimensions to be able to fit in reduced spaces, being this its main strength. Table top is made of ceramic laminated with glass. and fits perfectly to the triangular legs thanks to the shape of its edges. In addition to the tables, the Salt collection includes a chair and a stool with different type of seats that give total versatility to the collection. A solution of wood and two others of upholstery.


REF. 4090

SALT Chair

Metal legs
Wooden seatshell

REF. 4091

SALT 1 Chair

Metal legs
Uphosltered seatshell

REF. 4092

SALT 2 Chair

Metal legs
Uphosltered seatshell

Mobliberica Design Team

A team of architects, industrial designers and graphic designers with very different hobbies and personalities but who share a huge passion for design and good music. Creative minds capable of designing and developing a project from scratch, or, with their coordination and technical knowledge, making it possible for an external designer's sketch to become a piece ready for production.