Julia Table

Table with ceramic top that allows 26 different sizes, both fixed and extendable. It is available in three different heights (40, 75, 90 cm). Its structure is in steel and the customer has the possibility of ordering it in satin stainless steel. Its 29 colours for the structure and 36 for the ceramic top allow multiple combinations to be created, thus adapting to any need.


REF. 535


Extendable and ceramic top
Metal legs. H75 / H90

REF. 536


Fixed and ceramic top
Metal legs. H75 / H90

Mobliberica Design Team

A team of architects, industrial designers and graphic designers with very different hobbies and personalities but who share a huge passion for design and good music. Creative minds capable of designing and developing a project from scratch, or, with their coordination and technical knowledge, making it possible for an external designer's sketch to become a piece ready for production.