Lisse Chair

Lisse, a creation inspired by the charming villa that bears its name and is distinguished as the quintessential home of tulips, emerges as a sublime fusion of comfort and elegance. The chair features a seat with an organic shape that evokes the delicacy of a petal, providing exceptional comfort. This design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also committed to providing an ergonomic experience that goes beyond appearance.

The lightness of the chair’s legs, resembling the stem of a flower, adds a distinctive touch to its aesthetics. This detail not only contributes to Lisse’s elegant appearance, but also makes it easy to integrate into any space configuration. Whether in a classic or contemporary setting, Lisse’s versatility allows it to fit harmoniously into a variety of interior styles and designs.


REF. 412401


Metal foot Ø16 mm
Upholstered backrest and seat

Mobliberica Design Team

A team of architects, industrial designers and graphic designers with very different hobbies and personalities but who share a huge passion for design and good music. Creative minds capable of designing and developing a project from scratch, or, with their coordination and technical knowledge, making it possible for an external designer's sketch to become a piece ready for production.