Plec Table

The collection presents an exceptionally elegant range of tables that are distinguished by their design and functionality. With a total of 19 fixed table sizes and 13 extendable table sizes, this collection offers a wide variety for different needs and spaces.

The main feature of these tables is their base, which has been carefully designed and manufactured using an innovative 8 mm folded steel sheet. This choice of material not only provides strength and durability, but also adds a touch of modernity and sophistication to the ensemble.

The functionality of the extendable tables is highlighted by an ingenious synchronised central opening system, which means that the extension process is carried out harmoniously and without displacement of the legs. This detail not only contributes to the stability of the table, but also enhances the user experience by providing comfort and ease of use.

In addition, the top of these tables is a highlight in terms of quality and aesthetics. Made of glass-laminated technical ceramic, the surface is not only elegant and easy to clean, but also offers exceptional durability.


REF. 5082

PLEC Table

Fixed and ceramic top
Metal legs. H75

REF. 5083

PLEC Table

Extending and ceramic top
Metal legs. H75

Mobliberica Design Team

A team of architects, industrial designers and graphic designers with very different hobbies and personalities but who share a huge passion for design and good music. Creative minds capable of designing and developing a project from scratch, or, with their coordination and technical knowledge, making it possible for an external designer's sketch to become a piece ready for production.