“The Perfect Host” is the tribute that Mobliberica wants to pay to its customers.

To those who enjoy preparing special moments for their people. To the thoughtful, the generous ones, those who seek harmony in everything they do.
Those who put their creative freedom above protocols.
Thank you for inspiring our work every day.


With pure lines and overwhelming beauty, this table reminds us of the fresh salty scent of the Mediterranean. Its design offers us two types of ceramic tops (round and rectangular with rounded edges) that surprisingly extend to 200 and 320 cm respectively, while achieving a unique stability for a round table with such dimensions.



Oru chair is inspired by the traditional Japanese art of Origami. Its linear shapes are reminiscent of a paper that has been carefully folded to form an ergonomic backrest seat whose foam is injected. The triangular section tube from the legs completes the design of a completely harmonious figure.