The Köln family includes table, chair and stool.‎ The combination of warm and timeless shapes in its design reinforce the feeling of an ordered and functional element.‎

The chair collection has been designed by Yonoh Studio and is available in two versions: wooden legs and metal legs.‎

Köln table is a fixed and extending table collection designed by Mobliberica’s design team.‎ It is characterised by the combination of a rectangular ceramic top with rounded shapes and inclined circular legs.‎ The legs can be made of solid ash wood giving a special warmth to the design; or metal, being this a result of more strength and character.‎ It is available in 16 sizes for both fixed and extendible versions.‎

The stool, designed by Yonoh Studio, has metal legs.‎ The height of its seat is 65 cm.‎